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Getting the most out of your commercial supply relationship with Pfizer in Ireland. To provide streamlined and efficient financial services, Pfizer has set up a financial shared services centre in Dublin, Global Financial Solutions Europe (GFS).

This centre is the payment point for all supplier invoices for 16 countries in Europe, including Ireland. The centre is called the Global Financial Solutions Europe (GFS).

Supplier Information - Pfizer Healthcare Ireland and Pfizer Global Manufacturing

The way suppliers work with Pfizer has been standardised.

This guide provides information that you as a supplier may find useful to know and refer to when supplying goods or services to Pfizer in Ireland. The main points are outlined below and then expanded on.

Working with Pfizer

To ensure the timely and accurate handling of your delivery and prompt payment of your invoice(s), we are asking all suppliers to comply fully with the following instructions:

  1. You must have a valid Purchase Order number before providing any Goods and/or Services to Pfizer. Please do not accept verbal instructions from any Pfizer representative.
  2. The details stated on the Purchase Order must be correct, and in accordance with the goods or services that you are providing. Any discrepancies should be resolved before you deliver goods or services to Pfizer, so as to avoid delay in payment of your invoice(s).
  3. All goods must be delivered directly to the delivery point stated on the Purchase Order. This will identify both the correct site address and, where applicable, the gate number. Failure to deliver to the correct location with a valid Purchase Order number (required to facilitate all goods and services being delivered to the Pfizer site) will result in your carrier either being re-directed, or refused entry to the site.
  4. All correspondence, including but not limited to Order Acknowledgements, Delivery Notes, Invoices and Credit Notes, must clearly state the correct Purchase Order number, the line number to which each item relates, the exact quantity, description and if applicable, the product code of the Goods or Services using the same unit of measure as stated on the Purchase Order.
  5. Invoices and Credit Notes must be sent directly to Accounts Payable at GFS in Dublin (full details shown under Invoicing).

Failure to comply with the above instructions will result in a delay in payment of your invoice(s) and may result in your invoice being returned to you unpaid.


Purchase Orders

You must have a valid Purchase Order before providing any goods and/or commencing delivery of any service to Pfizer in Ireland.  The order must match the goods/service being provided in particular quantity, price, description and unit of measure.

All Pfizer employees that can order goods or services will do so using a Purchase Order. All suppliers must have a valid Purchase Order number before providing any goods and/or service to Pfizer. There are very few exceptions to this rule. In some cases Pfizer employees will order using a Purchasing Card.

The Purchase Order is a document that contains key information such as:

  • The Purchase Order number and line number
  • Quantity
  • Unit Price and total price
  • Unit of Measure
  • Product code
  • Description of goods or services
  • Order and required delivery dates
  • Delivery location and, where applicable, gate number
  • Invoice address
  • Payment Terms
  • Unit of measure

If you need to amend any details on the Purchase Order, you must notify Pfizer immediately and await written acceptance of the changes before dispatching goods or commencing any work. Any mismatch will need to be resolved before Pfizer can make a payment. A contact telephone number will be provided on the Purchase Order. Please direct all queries via the Purchasing Department.

Insurance Details:
Before providing a service on any of the Pfizer sites, it is a requirement that notification of insurance details be furnished to the Insurance Administrator. Information on the Employers liability, Public and Product liability along with Professional Indemnity insurance levels all need to be advised upfront and updated on annual renewal. This information is requested where applicable as part of each New Vendor Set-Up.


Electronic Orders

Designated Suppliers will receive Pfizer Purchase Orders electronically via the Ariba Supplier Network.

Pfizer has implemented some eProcurement processes where applicable.

As business needs dictate, Pfizer will implement a supplier catalogue that predefines the rules for engagement between Pfizer and the supplier with catalogue content that reflects approved items, negotiated pricing, and terms for shipping.

Purchasing Card:
Amex is the preferred provider to Pfizer of Purchasing Cards. Pfizer has implemented an AMEX Supplier Purchasing Card to support our goal of reducing manual transactions and automating the payment process.



All accounts related correspondence, including but not limited to invoices, credit notes and statements must be sent to Global Financial Solutions Europe in Dublin. Please only invoice when goods have been delivered to the site, or services have been provided.


On the 31st of October 2016, Pfizer’s VAT zero rating authorisation under Section 56 of the VAT consolidation act 2010 (VATCA 2010) will expire.

Pfizer will not be renewing their authorisation under section 56 of VATCA 2010 on this date.

For existing suppliers, we suggest that you review and update your systems in order to reflect this change.

Please also note, all invoices issued up until 31st of October 2016 must continue to be issued with zero percent VAT where applicable”.

To provide streamlined and efficient financial services Pfizer has set up a financial centre in Dublin, Ireland. This centre will ultimately be the payment point for all supplier invoices for 16 countries in Europe, including Ireland. The centre is called the Global Financial Solutions Europe (GFS Europe).

Since February 2006, all Pfizer Ireland invoices must be addressed to the correct Pfizer Company i.e. Pfizer Ireland Pharmaceuticals (as stated on the Purchase Order) and sent to:


Pfizer Ireland

Pfizer Ireland Pharmaceuticals
PO Box 10380
Dublin 4



PGM Ireland

This incorporates all the Manufacturing plants in both Dublin & Cork – Pottery Road Sterile Plant, Ringaskiddy API, Loughbeg API, Loughbeg DP, Little Island API, Pfizer Biotechnology Ireland, Process Development Center and the Operations Support Group administration offices in Cork.


Pfizer Ireland Pharmaceuticals
PO Box 10380
Dublin 4
Pfizer Cork Ltd
PO Box 10380
Dublin 4

PO Box 9504,
Dublin 4

PO Box 9504,
Dublin 4,


The following details must be contained on your invoice (must be either an original or a true and certified copy of the invoice – faxed copies are not acceptable) to enable GFS to process payment:

  • The invoice must be addressed to the Pfizer Company stated on the purchase order.
  • The full delivery address of the Pfizer site must be quoted on the invoice.
  • Your unique invoice number and the date the invoice was raised
  • Your company’s legal name and address
  • Your company’s VAT registration number (if appropriate)
  • Payment address/bank details
  • A valid purchase order number issued by Pfizer
  • The line number on the order that you are invoicing against
  • Full details of the supply, including unit prices and extensions to enable the price on your invoice to be validated
  • Unit of measure


As part of our overall strategy to move away from paper-based processing and gain transaction processing efficiency, Pfizer has partnered with Tungsten to deliver an electronic invoicing solution for all invoices submitted to Pfizer from its goods and service providers. This solution is compliant with the requirements of purchase tax and e-Invoicing legislation.

Suppliers are offered two approaches to eInvoicing on the Tungsten network: Online web entry invoice form and an integrated solution. No additional software or hardware is required by the supplier, although fees are charged to the supplier for using the network.

Electronic payment:
Pfizer's standard method of payment to suppliers is by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Suppliers are therefore required to provide any changes in bank payment details in advance of submitting an invoice.  Please provide an IBAN number when supplying bank details as this is a Pfizer mandatory requirement.

Please send bank payment details on Company headed paper to the relevant Pfizer address above.

Billing currency:
Please ensure that the currency billed on the invoice is the same as the currency of the Purchase Order or contract.  If the currency on the order is incorrect then you must seek an amended order from Pfizer Procurement prior to delivering your goods or services.

Application for Payment:
In the case of some service PO’s, Pfizer is introducing a system whereby the supplier advises the Pfizer colleague of the proposed invoice total. This process is known as the “Application for Payment” and allows agreement to be reached between the Pfizer colleague and the service provider on the value of the invoice to be presented and a receipt booked against the PO by the Pfizer colleague prior to issue of the invoice to GFS for payment.  In this way there will be no delay in processing the payment as there will be a receipted PO to match the invoice.

Other points to remember:

  • Remittance slips will reference supplier invoice number and will be issued electronically.
  • The supplier name on the invoice must correspond with that on the Purchase Order.
  • Please do not send duplicate invoices, unless requested to do so by GFSS
  • All invoices must only cover goods and services detailed in the Purchase Order
  • If an invoice does not match the order, it will be rejected or placed on hold
  • Credit notes must be issued to Accounts Payable in GFS and must be clearly identifiable as credit notes and contain the order number and line number to which they refer

Failure to comply with the above instructions will result in a delay in payment of your invoice(s) and may result in your invoice being returned to you unpaid.