Pfizer and Science Gallery partner on new initiative

Pfizer and Science Gallery partner on new initiative

#WeAreAllScientists Pop-Up Exhibtion
Location: CHQ Building, Dublin 1

Dates: Sunday 10th – Sunday 17th November

Are you curious about what lives in your belly button? Can you figure out how many pumps it would take to pop a balloon? If asked to make a duck from scratch, how would you go about it? And what would the answers to these questions reveal about you? They may help you rethink what it takes to make it as a scientist.

During Science Week, the ‘We Are All Scientists’ interactive pop-up exhibition aims to challenge you to think differently about science, and yourself. The free exhibition, suitable for all ages, invites visitors to engage in five creative experiments to see if they possess the key characteristics of a scientist. The characteristics, as curated by Pfizer scientists and Science Gallery as part of the exhibition development, are; curiosity, creativity, clarity, discernment and resilience.

Taking place in the CHQ Building, this is Science Gallery’s first pop-up exhibition in the community, developed specifically for Science Week 2019 and welcomed by Science Foundation Ireland. Visitors will be guided through the interactive exhibits by Science Gallery mediators, encouraging them to get hands-on and engage with the content, ideas and themes in a variety of ways.

‘We Are All Scientists’ is a Pfizer initiative in partnership with Science Gallery. The aim of the initiative is to challenge people to think differently about science by helping to bridge the gap between the overwhelmingly positive associations with science, and the self-doubt expressed at having what it takes to study science at third level.  The Science Week exhibition will highlight that we all have the characteristics of a scientist within us that we can tap in to in our daily lives. 


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Pfizer and Science Gallery partner on new initiative

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