Healthy Town

One of Pfizer's core commitments is to improve health and well-being at every stage of life. As well as discovering and developing medicines, we work with community groups, individuals and health consumer organisations to enhance public health in local communities. One innovative example of our commitment to the well-being in local communities is the Healthy Town project.

Healthy Town in an innovative collaboration between The Irish Times, Healthy Ireland (the national framework for action to improve the health and well-being of Ireland) and Pfizer. The initiative aims to create and improve the physical and social environments that impact health through collaboration with local businesses and civic groups.

The Healthy Town programme takes place over an eight to ten week period and focuses on improving health and well-being of the population of a town by showing the local community how simple adjustments can make a real difference to their health. This is done by combining a series of health promotion and physical activity events including: free health checks, nutritional advice, cookery classes, information meetings and activities such as running clubs, organised walks and fitness sessions.

Many local groups and businesses participate in the hosting and promotion of such events. This ensures wide awareness and participation in the project and even more importantly, activities become part of everyday life for local people. Healthy Town has made a significant impact on the towns that have hosted the project with hundreds of members of the community receiving health checks, participation in activities and attending information meetings.