Healthy Town 2012

Healthy Town 2012

Healthy Towns is an innovative collaboration between Pfizer Healthcare Ireland, The Irish Times, Kilkenny County Council and the civic and business community of Kilkenny. The project aims to help people in Kilkenny improve their health and well-being by showing them how simple adjustments can make a real difference to their health.

The 10 week programme combines a series of health promotion events and physical activities including free health screening; nutritional advice; cookery classes; information meetings and physical activities such as organised walks and fitness sessions.

These initiatives will show people how to eat well and incorporate exercise into their daily routine which are key elements to a healthy lifestyle.


A Healthy Towns microsite has also been set up to provide updates and advice on how to improve the health and well being of individuals. Other features of the site include a daily health tip, articles by health experts, blogs, exercise advice and programmes designed by the Irish Institute of Sports Performance.

Further information can also be found in the Irish Times health supplement, HEALTH plus every Tuesday.

"Achieving and maintaining good health requires effort, hard work and persistence," noted David Gallagher, Managing Director, Pfizer Healthcare Ireland. "This can be a challenge with busy daily lives. Many leading health issues are now related to obesity and diabetes and these will only be addressed when communities construct their local environments in ways that promote health and when individuals take action."

"The Irish Times / Pfizer Healthy Town brings together the best from our partners and ourselves at The Irish Times," said Kevin O’Sullivan, Editor of The Irish Times. "Our readers in Kilkenny and beyond will benefit from good advice from experts in person, in the paper, particularly through the HEALTHplus supplement which is published on Tuesdays and on the website that equips them to lead healthier lives."