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Pain Relief



Available for over 70 years, the range of Anadin products offer tried and trusted pain relief solutions for families and individuals across the nation. Whether you have a headache, backache, muscle ache or a flu, there's an Anadin formulation for you.

For correct use read all instructions carefully.



Advil Liqui Gels

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare markets Advil, one of the world’s leading brands of ibuprofen pain relievers. Available in pharmacies only, the 200mg ibuprofen Advil Liqui-gel is easy to swallow and gets to work quickly to effectively relieve your aches and pains.

For correct use read all instructions carefully.


Pfizer Paracetamol

Pfizer Paracetamol

For fast relief of tough headaches, trust Pfizer Paracetamol.

Pfizer Paracetamol tablets are also effective for lowering a high temperature whilst easing aches and pains that can accompany fever.

They are easy on the stomach and shaped for easy swallowing.

Pfizer ParaExtra Capsules are also available for rapid relief from pain such as Headache, Period and Dental pain.

Available throughout Ireland from grocery stores and pharmacies.

For correct use read all instructions carefully